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Mannen G3 Militaire Tactische Broek Cp Camouflage Multicam Cargo Knie Pads Broek Werken Kleding Combat Uniform Airsoft Leger Shirts


With unique low-profile waist adjust system

Concealed water bottle/magazine stabilizer in each cargo pocket

Dedicated knife/light holder that still allows pocket access

Simple kneepad height adjuster located in front thigh pocket

Knee patches are designed for use with removable combat knee pads

Built-in flap covers kneecap opening when not using knee pads

Covert rear-zip pockets

Larger expansion panel at lower back enhance transverse tension

Larger front thigh pockets

Double layer seat

Exquisite workmanship

Constructed by high quality cotton and polyester,with incredibly durable properties

2-inch waist increments and multiple lengths for a perfect fit.

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